Multiplier Event,Deva 26-28.10.2017



1 Multiplier event in Romania


Events helped everything together nicely, the reason for this is that running a multiple events creates a sense of demand, and piques teachers and students’ interest. These 2 events were a collaborative presentation too, where each partner presented its work/teaching unit. The venue countries lead the whole presentation, workshops,providing support and connection among participation. The events aimed to enhance the visibility of the project in the both organizer countries: Romania and Italy, but also to stimulate other stakeholders (schools, regional and local authorities and stakeholders) to take part in Erasmus projects, and eventually develop new partnerships. The events comprised different sessions,workshops, with the presentation of the intellectual outputs in English, in order to allow all participants to attend and fully understand. Teachers and students who have worked on the project, with the support of their foreign colleagues, presented the intellectual outputs to an international audience, made by teachers, headteachers, educators, experts, learners, youth workers, volunteers, local media, photo studios, agencies, firms, local authorities and other interested stakeholders. We believe that this last event had multiplier effects on our audience. Multi-organization and multi-country programs greatly enhance cultural development and global awareness in students and teachers, while creating better problem solvers, stronger relationships, and wider community impact than any single local/national activities. The coordinator of event prepared agenda of the event was distributed to all dissemination channels; We realized 2 Multiplier events: -The 1st Multiplier event organized in the 26-28 October period; The lead partner Euroeduas organized an event to present the overall project, including the presentation of the O1-Kit with games; -The 2nd Multiplier event, 10-12 May 2018,organized by CPIA Taranto, Italy. in wich was diseminated the intellectual output -O 2 , E-Gameology; Was no difference between what was planned and what was implemented;

SWOT analysis 1st year.
Best photo taken during the 3rd meeting;