During the project ,students will develop their native language skills and they will understand the need of having contact with other cultures. Being exposed to another language will help students to become more tolerant of other people as they try to make themselves understood. The students will understand the importance of their new personal contacts and they will become more open to innovative ideas by hosting partners at their schools. They will also practice information technologies and will organize various events linked to the topic such as webquest and cultural presentations. Students will gain greater confidence in their lives, discovering how they can actively make arrangements and changes. The project will give both boys and girls equal opportunity to be involved in all project activities.
They will:
-get motivation to learn by using attractive ways of education and have the possibility to learn in an attractive and enjoyable way using games;
– consolidate of self-image, increased self-confidence, discovering how they can actively make arrangements and changes in their lives,
-using e-learning and e-twining as tools of communication ,they will improve foreign language skills and IT skills;
-discover and/or development of one’s creative potential and capacity for expression,
-make a positive and constructive inter-cultural contacts, which will be extended beyond the end of the project and may result in continuing relationships.